Transmission Problems You Can’t Ignore

Your vehicle’s transmission is a vital component to your driving experience. The system facilitates gear switches, even helping you go from “Drive” to “Park” every day.

A transmission can experience significant wear on the road. The heat and friction created as you drive can impact its performance. If you live near Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, or Tustin, California, Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine can help you. Read below to learn about transmission problems you can’t ignore.

Signs You Need Transmission Service:

Transmission Problems You Can’t Ignore

If your transmission is having issues, you may experience a slippage feel while on the road. When this occurs, it will feel as though the gears are slipping for no reason. Slipping gears is usually due to a lack of pressure buildup in the transmission that’s necessary for smooth operation. You may also notice:

  • Change in engine noise
  • Inconsistent acceleration
  • Delayed shifting

When shifting into Drive, if you notice that there’s a delay before the vehicle moves or that the engine revs as you apply pressure to the gas pedal, but the vehicle does not move, there’s likely an issue with your transmission.

Your vehicle should also shift in a smooth, effortless fashion. A transmission defect may lead to rough and difficult shifting. For some, their vehicle will refuse to shift altogether. When experiencing difficulty shifting, you may feel and hear either a thud or clunk noise when going from gear to gear. Your vehicle will also have difficulty getting up to speed.

Another indication that your transmission may need service is a grinding or shaking sensation.

Smells and Leaks: Other Signs That You Need Transmission Service

Types of transmission issues may vary due to the type of transmission your vehicle uses:

  • For manual transmissions, a transmission may be have grinding noise or feeling when shifting
  • An automatic transmission may create a wiggling as gears shift
  • A continuously variable transmission (CVT) may lurch or jerk

If you notice a burning smell in your vehicle, be sure to visit a factory-certified technician immediately. Transmission fluid can burn. The smell of burning fluid is a sign of low fluid levels or evidence of too much heat and friction within the moving parts. You may just need to “top off” your fluid levels.

Because transmission fluid cycles through the system, a leak is a common reason for car transmission service. When the transmission fluid is not properly circulating or vaporizing, a low level is an indication of a leak. If you notice red or brown fluid underneath your parked vehicle, it’s time to schedule service with a factory-certified technician.

Our Service Center

When you’re experiencing transmission issues, you may also receive a warning from the Check Engine light on your dashboard. If you notice the Check Engine light or other signs that you need transmission service, you should call a factory-certified technician right away.

You may need transmission service appointments such as:

  • Transmission flush
  • Transmission fluid check
  • Transmission fluid exchange
  • Transmission replacement

Our service center has a team of factory-certified technicians who are trained to handle a wide range of makes and models. If you have an automatic, manual, CVT, or other type of transmission, we can handle your vehicle. Schedule an appointment at our service center.

Rely on Our Team

You know how your vehicle drives. If you notice any changes in the operation of your transmission, have your vehicle checked out.

Drivers near Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, and Tustin, CA, can rely on our team to get their vehicle back on the road. Come down to Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine if your car is experiencing any transmission problem you can’t ignore and have a professional look at it today.

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