Trade Your Car near Newport Beach CA

Trade inWhen you’re looking to trade your car near Newport Beach, California, a place you may visit is Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine. We’ll provide you with the right tools, so that you can get good value out of your trade, alongside our friendly and expertly trained staff. We look forward to hearing from drivers around Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, and Tustin, California.

Let’s Value Your Trade!

Car Valuation ButtonIf you’ve decided to get a new vehicle from us and want to trade in your current ride, there’s a program for that. It’s called the Instant Cash Offer, and by providing certain information about your vehicle’s condition, features, and make, among others, you can possibly qualify for the program as well as getting a close estimate of the Kelley Blue Book® value it holds.

After receiving your estimate, you can begin to work out how much exactly you’d like to put down toward your new vehicle. If you find yourself in the situation where the value of your old vehicle is more than what you’d prefer to put down, you have a few alternative options to consider:

  • Put all of it down, so that you can lower your monthly payments
  • Adding an optional package or extended warranty to your vehicle
  • Of course, you can put down what you’re comfortable with, and pocket the rest.

Your New Financial Tools

Vehicle Financing While the Instant Cash Offer is extremely helpful, there are a few other tools that are designed to help you out on your buying journey. For example, the finance application is there to help get you started moving in the right direction. The information you put down is encrypted, so you can rest easy that only our eyes are seeing it.

Once received, our financers can start calculating the numbers and drawing up paperwork. When you make your visit, the financial experience will be easy and smooth going.

Another tool is our payment calculator. This tool will let you get a solid idea of the kinds of payments you’ll be looking at with the model you’ve chosen. It factors in your down payment, vehicle price, and interest, so that you’ll have a working idea of what your monthly payments will be like.

 A Reflection on Newport Beach, California

Our warm summer days keep the fun up. It should be no surprise that we’re well known for swimming and our sandy beaches. Some of our exciting attractions that you should check out next time you visit are:

  • Orange County Museum of Art
  • The Wedge (for surfers)
  • Newport Sports Museum

Some fun facts about our city include: The Devil Inside video by INXS was filmed around the Balboa Fun Zone; and All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) was filmed at the future site of Fashion Island retail center.

Schedule Your Trade Today!

Now that you’ve found somewhere to trade your car near Newport Beach, CA, and have read our overview of the process, the next step forward is simple and easy. You may schedule an appointment to get a trade-in appraisal at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine today!

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