Honda Pilot Dashboard Light Guide Irvine, CA

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The dashboard lights on your Honda Pilot are the best tool you can use to stay abreast of the status of your vehicle. They remind you when your parking brake is activated, and they can warn you when your vehicle needs crucial repairs. So it’s important to understand and accurately identify what each symbol means so you can act immediately if problems arise.

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Honda Pilot Dashboard Lights

Honda Pilot dashboard lights can be categorized into three groups: malfunction lights, condition lights, and on/off lights. Malfunction lights warn you about damage to important parts of your vehicle, while condition lights let you know when your Honda Pilot needs some attention. The on/off lights indicate when certain features are in use.

Malfunction Lights

  • Charging system: A red battery symbol that indicates there’s an issue with your charging system or your battery
  • Brake system: The word BRAKE in red that lets you know the brake fluid level is low or there’s a problem with your brakes
  • Low oil pressure: Shaped like an oil can in red that tells you the oil level is low and you need an oil change
  • Malfunction lamp: Looks like your engine and is the master signal for any issues with the internal parts under your hood

As soon as you notice malfunction lights such as the ones listed above illuminated on the dashboard of your Honda Pilot, you must schedule a repair immediately.

Condition Lights

  • Low fuel: An orange dot that means you need to fill your gas tank
  • Tire pressure: An exclamation point in a circle that comes on when one or more of your tires needs to be inflated
  • Maintenance minder: An orange wrench that means you must schedule a service appointment at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine

The issues connected to conditions lights aren’t as serious as those connected to malfunction lights, but you should still take action to remedy the issue as soon as possible.

On/Off Lights

  • Fuel economy: The word ECO in green that indicates your ECON button is activated
  • Fog lights: A semi-circle with three lines crossing a single line when the fog lights are on
  • Exterior lights: Two semi-circles pointing at each other with three lines that mean your lights are on

On/Off lights are the most common lights to see on your dashboard and simply let you know when certain features are in use.

The Honda Pilot’s dashboard lights help you to stay on top of the condition of your vehicle. So take the time to understand what each one indicates, and when a warning pops up, be sure to take immediate action and schedule repairs for your vehicle.

For those in Anaheim, Lake Forest, and Laguna Beach seeking more information regarding the Honda Pilot dashboard lights or who need to schedule a repair, contact Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine today.

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