Honda HR-V Dashboard Light Guide

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2019 Honda HR-V
That light on your dashboard is trying to tell you something, but what? And more importantly, is it something that you need to be concerned about?

In this Honda HR-V dashboard light guide, drivers from the Anaheim, Lake Forest, and Laguna Beach area can find answers to these questions and more provided by Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Irvine. In this article, we’ll be referencing the dashboard lights for a Honda HR-V.

About the Dashboard Lights

Inside the Honda HR-V, there are three categories of dashboard lights: malfunction indicators, condition indicators, and on/off indicators. Malfunction and condition indicators are usually red or amber and notify the driver of a possible issue. Meanwhile, the on/off indicators are typically green.

It’s normal for the dashboard lights to do an initial check when you start the engine and should turn off after a few moments. If any of the lights remain lit or turns on during operation, then you could have a problem.

Honda HR-V Dashboard Lights

  • Brake system/parking brake (red): Depicted simply as the word BRAKE, this dashboard light could mean one of three things. First, it could indicate that the parking brake is engaged. If not, then the brake fluid could be low or there may be a problem with the brake system. If the parking brake isn’t engaged, have your Honda serviced immediately.
  • ECON mode (green): This light looks like a small plant and it notifies you that ECON mode is engaged. For enhanced engine response and acceleration, turn off ECON mode.
  • Electric power steering (amber): A steering wheel next to an exclamation mark indicates a possible problem with the electric power steering system. Pull over and restart the engine. If the problem persists, schedule a service appointment.
  • High beams (blue): Most of us are familiar with this light, but those who aren’t should remember it. It looks like a headlight with a series of horizontal lines on the left side. This light tells you when the high beams are engaged.
  • Immobilizer (green): Depicted as a car key, this light indicates a problem with the vehicle recognizing your key. Take your vehicle to a Honda authorized dealership for service.
  • Low oil pressure (red): This light looks like a leaky faucet, but it’s actually an oil can. If you see this light, pull over safely and stop the engine. Check the oil level and add oil if needed. If the light stays on, it’s time to schedule service.
  • Low temperature (blue): Depicted as a thermometer floating in liquid, this light may come on if the coolant temperature is low. However, if the light stays on, then there may be a problem with the temperature sensors, which isn’t something you want to ignore since overheating can severely damage an engine.
  • Malfunction indicator lamp (amber): Also called the check engine light, this blinking motor-shaped light indicates a misfire in the engine. Pull over and let the engine cool down. If the light is steady, then there could be a problem with the emissions control system or the fuel cap is loose.

Didn’t See the Light You Were Looking For?

If our Honda HR-V dashboard light guide didn’t cover the particular light that you see, contact our service department. With years of experience serving the Anaheim, Lake Forest, and Laguna Beach area, our automotive technicians will be able to tell what the light is and what it means in terms of required service.

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